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Attention All Dressage Riders

Join the USPRE All Breeds Program through USDF

Register by September 30th 2008

In April, the United States Dressage Federation (USDF) recognized USPRE as the Official Representative of the PRE Horse (as designated by the Spanish Stud Book) and has added USPRE to the All Breeds Dressage program. This program recognizes the annual top scoring horses at all levels from Training though Grand Prix within the recognized breed organizations. year-end awards are presented at the USDF Annual Meeting each December. For more information, see .

Participation in this program is Free to all USPRE members, and $ 50.00 per horse for non-members.

In order to join the program and have your results count toward the year-end awards, you will need to follow these steps (from the USDF website):

  • The Horse must have a USDF Lifetime Horse Registration (LHR) when scores are earned;
  • The Owner must be a USDF Participating Member (PM) or Business Member (BM) when scores are earned. Verify eligibility with the Participating Organization (in this case USPRE) and verify that an all-breeds declaration has been made by accessing the USDF “Score Check” or “Owner’s Portfolio”.
  • Rider must be a USDF Participating Member when scores are earned.
  • If interested in competing for awards in an “optional” division, it is the Owner’s responsibility to determine which of the optional divisions will be awarded by their all-breeds Participating Organization (PO).
  • If competing for optional all-breed division awards- adult amateur, vintage cup or junior/young rider awards, rider must verify this status with USDF by September 30 of the award year.
  • Memberships and Horse registrations begin when all application forms and fees are received by USDF. If joining USDF (including changing membership to participating status) or registering a horse at a competition, membership and registration begins the date of the application. This date must be in accordance with USDF/USEF dressage division rules.
  • If a Horse does not have an existing all-breeds declaration, the Owner must make a declaration by September 30 of the award year. If the Horse is eligible for multiple registrations and not previously recorded with USDF, the Owner must make a choice of registry for the purpose of USDF all-breeds awards only.

For those Horses previously registered with the Foundation for the Pure Spanish Horse’s All Breeds Program, the USDF Executive Board and USDF Sport Horse Committee has ratified a decision which now allows you to transfer your PRE Horse to the USPRE Program. Please notify USDF before September 30th of your desire to transfer your Horse to the USPRE program.

For any questions or assistance, please email us directly at .

Remember, the Deadline to Register your Horse in the USPRE All Breeds Program is September 30th 2008.

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