Spanish Stud Book Presents Cartas to the USPRE President


Spanish Stud Book Presents Cartas to USPRE Officials

In the world of the Pure Spanish Horse, a New Era has begun. The President of the National Spanish Breed Organization Javier Conde, and his delegation, flew this week from Madrid to Wilmington, Ohio to attend the Fiesta Midwest P.R.E. Breed Show and to meet with the United States PRE Association (USPRE) and American breeders. USPRE is the only American organization that represents the PRE Studbook, which is newly managed by ANCCE by order of the Ministry of Agriculture in Spain.

In prior years, when the official registry of the PRE horse was in the hands of a department of the Spanish Military, registering pure-bred bloodstock in the United States was a complicated, lengthy and often impossible task. In keeping with European Union standards, the Studbook is now the responsibility of the Spanish national P.R.E. breeder’s association—ANCCE—and one of their first priorities since they obtained this governmental mandate in 2007 was to facilitate the registration process for all P.R.E. breeders in the United States. USPRE was founded by P.R.E. owners and breeders of who desire to maintain their horses in good standing with the official Studbook, and who strive to meet the modern breeding standards as promoted by ANCCE, the world’s newest member to the World Breeding Federation (WBF) for Sport Horses. The combined activities of ANCCE and USPRE have produced recent historic results in the U.S.:

  • Since February 2008, USPRE has organized and conducted Studbook registration services with ANCCE at 26 sites across five states: California, Florida, Texas, Washington State and Ohio.
  • Over 1800 Studbook services have been provided to US breeders, a landmark achievement.
  • 115 new Breeder Codigos (Studbook breeder registration) have been issued, the highest number ever recorded in the United States.
  • New Cartas (horse registration papers/passports) have been delivered to the United States in historical record time.


USPREA gets passports

The visit of this high level Spanish delegation to the United States to meet with US breeders is a further demonstration of the support of the parent studbook to American P.R.E. breeders. “We are honored to host Mr. Conde and members of the Executive Committee and appreciate the extent to which they have worked to cement the relationship between Spanish and American breeders and owners of PRE horses” stated USPRE President Kimberly Boyer. “The PRE horse is extremely popular in the United States and we believe that combined efforts between USPRE and ANCCE will continue to improve the American PRE stock to meet the demands of the breeders as well as the competitive arenas in which the PRE excels”. “ In less than three months, ANCCE has delivered the first lot of passports to American Breeders and we will continue to allocate the required resources to shorten this time” stated Javier Conde Cerrato, ANCCE President. Alexander Zilo was also on hand to host the delegation from Spain.

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