LG-ANCCE Stud Book Service Forms

Introducing The P.R.E. Stud Book

Effective February 1, 2012 all North American Breeder inquiries and requests for Stud Book services should be addressed to:

 Tanya M. Duffey or Silvia Munoz  at LGStudBook@usprea.com


Next Revision Planned For April 2013

Please download the below forms and instructions for all LG-ANCCE Stud Book services.

  1. LG Service Application – English
  2. LG Service Application – Spanish
  3. Stud Book Service Fees as of 09/01/2012
  4. Breeder Codigo Application
  5. Owner Code Application 
  6. Inscription Procedures
  7. Onsite Coordinator Summary Sheet-Revision
  9. 2012 Qualified Tribunal (TRC) Letter
  10. LG-ANCCE Export Certificate Application
  11. Veterinarian Inscription Procedures
  12. USPRE / LG Veterinarian Approval Request
  13. Equine Mortality Declaration
  14. USPRE_Sworn Affidavit
  15. Name Change Request
  16. Change Of Address
  17. Assignment_of_Farm_Letters_
  18. USPRE Representative Authorization Form
  19. Stud_Book_Inquiries
  20. Credit Card Refund Request

Breeding & Birth Certificates ( known as Certificados de Cubricion in Spanish) for the current year are available to Stallion Owners online (free) in their personal LG-ANCCE Breeder file at www.lgancce.com . Certificates for prior years must be requested by e-mail to the USPRE office. Access to personal LG-ANCCE Breeder files requires a Breeder Codigo and a Private Breeder Pin Number (which can be secured by contacting the USPRE office). LG Contacts at USPRE:

Tanya M. Duffey

Tanya M. Duffey United States P.R.E. Association (USPRE) 11360 Fortune Circle, E5 Wellington, Florida, 33414 Tel: (786) 264-1108 Fax: (888) 959-0190 Email: LGstudbook@usprea.com

LG-ANCCE Contacts in Sevilla, Spain:

Dr. Arancha Rodriguez

Dr. Arancha Rodriguez Director LG-ANCCE Torneo Parque Empresarial AVDA, Astronomia 1 Torre 3, Planta 9, Officina 5 41015, Sevilla, Spain Tel: 011 34 954 975 480 Fax: 011 34 954 953 989

Alexander Zilo

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