Video of Breeding Program of the PRE

ANCCE wishes to share with you this conference about the breeding program of the PRE. It is in English and was held by Pedro Azor, vicemanager of the LG, at Equitana last March, 21st.

It is very interesting for breeders and fans of our horse as the breeding program includes news about issues as follows:

  • New basic evaluation process and scores sheet.
  • Appointed reproductive assistance methods.
  • New categories of stallions and broodmares.
  • New link between the LG and the breeding program databases to have all the information of a horse at a glance.
  • LG registry process.
  • The process to enter a horse in the breeding program and its genetic evaluation.

ANCCE intends to encourage breeders and fans to know more in detail relevant information of the PRE horse and with this goal, we will post more videos in our website from now on.


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