10 breeders will receive between €1800 and €4500 to cover maintenance, training and competition costs. 

For the fifth consecutive year, ANCCE, the PRE Breeders’ Association of Spain, through its support program for the ANCCE Cup for Dressage, has granted ten PRE horses scholarships to contribute to their continued progression in this sport, in the hope that they will perform and participate at the highest international levels.

Upon verifying the results and corresponding requirements for such scholarships, ten horses and their riders have met with the prerequisites to be included in the 2013 ANCCE Team –two four-year-olds, two five-year-olds, two six-year-olds, two in the Prix St. George category and two in Grand Prix.  The make-up of the 2013 ANCCE TEAM is:

HORSE                                             AGE                                                      BREEDER                                                                      OWNER

HENARES I                                             4                                              YEGUADA LA ANGOSTURA                                YEGUADA LA ANGOSTURA

FUIROSO MP                                         4                                              YEGUADA MONTULL PALACIOS                     YEGUADA MIRIAM CABRERA

LUNA CCL                                               5                                              YEGUADA VISTABELLA                                        YEGUADA VISTABELLA

ISLEÑO FS                                              5                                               YEGUADA ARROYOMONTE                               YEGUADA ARROYOMONTE

GOLOSO D                                              6                                               DOMINGO ARRABE VERDUGO                        DOMINGO ARRABE VERDUGO

ÓXIDO                                                      6                                               HERMANOS MOJARRO ZAMORA                     YEGUADA DOMINCANO

JIMENO I A                                          PSG                                           ISAAC ALBARRAN MARZAL                                YEGUADA FRANCISCO TRIVIÑO

ARMAS ZUMBEL                               PSG                                           FLORENCIO MORENO MUÑOZ                         DURÁN VICENS

CURIOSO JLE                                      GP                                             JOSÉ LUIS ESCALERA DE LA ESCALERA       JOSÉ LUIS ESCALERA DE LA ESCALERA

FANDANGUERO IX                           GP                                             FERRER ROVIRA                                                     GANADERÍA LOS LEALES

USPRE wishes to congratulate the Breeders and Owners of ANCCE Team 2013 horses!


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