Pedro Pons Verd (right) with USPRE Vice President Betsy Ketcham and ANCCE Veterinarian Jaime Chapa in 2008.

PRE breeder and stud farm owner Pedro Pons Verd passed away this morning in the Palma de Mallorca Hospital, at the age of 57, after suffering a complicated illness, as reported by his family. 

Pedro Pons was a staunch advocate of the international nature of PRE horses and this Association.  As a member of both the ANCCE Board of Directors and Executive Committee, he was responsible for the international relations.   His know-how and efforts were decisive in achieving the unification of breeders in a number of countries.  Moreover, he was one of the founding fathers of Es Cavall, the Balearic Island Breeder Association.   

ANCCE would like to express its most sincere condolences and sympathy to his family at this difficult moment.

Rest in peace.

The United States PRE Association remembers Pedro Pons for his support of American breeders and of our organization in its early establishment. USPRE formally recognized Pedro in 2011 for his outstanding service to USPRE in his capacity as a member of the ANCCE Executive Committee and for his assistance to all with LG matters. USPRE sends its sincerest condolances to his family.

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