First USPRE Elections for the 2015 Breeders Executive Committee

According to the rules approved by the voting members of USPRE in February, 2013, the members of the Breeders Executive Committee will be elected beginning in 2015. As stated in the record,


In response to requests by Javier Conde, President of ANCCE, at meetings held with USPRE Board of Directors in January 2013, for a more democratic process for USPRE leadership selection by Breeder Members, and for a corporate structure more in keeping with other ANCCE Affiliate Associations, the Board of Directors has exercised its right, provided by the Bylaws of the USPRE Association, to form a committee designated for service of American breeders’ needs in particular, led by breeders who are appointed by the membership, and which is funded for programs and services as the committee sees fit. The BEC is founded today, February 13, 2013, at the Annual Meeting of the USPRE Board of Directors in Wellington, Florida, to be ratified by the Voting Membership on February 14, 2013 at the Open Annual Meeting in Wellington, Florida.

BEC Structure:

The Board of Directors has designated that the BEC be composed in its first year (2013) of appointed members, who will in turn appoint from amongst themselves a Vice Chair, Secretary and 3-5 Regional Directors. In 2014, the BEC will be allowed to appoint their own members from USPRE membership and in late 2014, general elections for BEC members and BEC officers will be held via proxy of the Voting Membership for the 2015 year. Terms of service will be 3 years from that point.

The following names represent the candidates for the 2015 Breeders Executive Committee::

Ramiro Perez, Hacienda de la Cruz

Alfredo Gonzalez, Rancho El Afortunudo

Kay Greenbury, Avalon Farms

Bill Taylor, Xavier Farms

Adrienne LaFar, Xavier Farms

Doreen Kula, Aisling Sport Horses

Sherry McGalliard, Epic Andalusians


Voting members of USPRE will receive a ballot by mail later this month to confirm or reject each candidate. We hope that you will make it a priority to exercise your right to vote, and appreciate your prompt reply.



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