Discount on Stud Book fees for FULL-FLEDGED members of ANCCE

This measure will be applied as of July 27 and applies to breeders in Spain only.

In April, the Ministry of Agriculture and the Environment, as well as the European Commission answered ANCCE about its project regarding the feasibility of applying differentiated PRE Stud Book fees based on whether users are full-fledged members of ANCCE or not.

Since then, ANCCE has undertaken several processes to obtain the final approval for this new measure; a measure that was later ratified by its members at the General Assembly, held on May 30.  Thanks to this approval, the project has been launched.

This measure is an advantage that will have direct economic repercussions for all full-fledged members of ANCCE when it comes to requesting services 103 (Identification for Registration) and 206 (Basic Aptitude for Breeding).   In these cases, a 29.4% and 22.2% discount on the general rate will be applied respectively.  These fees have increased for all non-members of ANCCE.

From now one, and for full-fledged ANCCE members only, Request for Service 103, which currently cost €75, will cost members €60 per horse. In the case of non-members, the fee is €85. For Request for Service 206, the situation is similar.  Instead of €40, the fee will be €35 per horse and €45 for non-members.

To take advantage of this reduced fee, all full-fledged members must be up to date with all Association payments as of December 31 of the previous year.

With this new measure launched by ANCCE at the PRE Stud Book, full-fledged members of ANCCE, once and for all, will be rewarded after three decades of work to make the current LG PRE ANCCE Stud Book a world reference.

Currently, the PRE Stud Book technicians are working to coordinate and implement this new measure.  Once all up-dates have concluded, the measure will begin operating this next 27th of July.

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