NEW SERVICE: Lineal Conformation Score

New service for breeders: Lineal Conformation Score (CML)

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ANCCE, the National PRE Breeders’ Association of Spain, has created a new Stud Book service, thanks to which breeders may request the Lineal Conformation Score (CML for the abbreviation in Spanish) for their breeding stock. Thus, these horses are assessed genetically and may subsequently seek the genetic categories established in the Breeding Program. The objective of this service is to continue helping breeders include their horses in the program.

For those horses that are not yet used for breeding, the assessment for Basic Approval must be requested once the horse is three years old (Service 206); at that point, the Lineal Conformation Score (LCS) will be carried out. To request this new service, present Request for Service 218 and in the space for “concept” (concepto), write in “CML.”  This service has a single fee: 120 euros for 1 to 5 horses in in a single visit and 15 euros per horse after the fifth horse or more.

The request for service, together with the payment receipt, must then be sent to the main PRE ANCCE Stud Book Office. The corresponding judge will contact the person making the request to establish the visit to the stud farm.

Before requesting this service, breeders may verify whether their breeding stock has already undergone the CML. Send an email to Mª Ángeles Rubio:, or call +34 954 975 480 (option 1).

The CML will continue to be undertaken at the Tribunal for Qualified Breeding Stock at no additional cost, and may also be carried out during the concentrations of horses previously established by ANCCE.  This calendar may be consulted on the Association web-site.  In the case of ANCCE established concentrations, there is no additional fee for the breeder.

Note from USPRE: This service is now available in the United States as Service 218, Lineal Conformation Score. The price is the same as a Revision Service, or $245.00. While this service is optional, USPRE recommends that all breeders who have stock that was revised prior to 2013, or that has not competed in an ANCCE show or TRC, obtain a Lineal Conformation Score if they want their stock to be included in the ANCCE Genetic Breeding Program. 

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