Clarification Regarding Horses Participating Abroad in The ANCCE Cup For Dressage At SICAB

Currently, those horses that are competing in the ANCCE Cup Final for Dressage—to be held at SICAB 2016 from the 15th to the 20th of November—and doing so abroad may do so any one of the three possibilities indicated below:

1.- Like any other participant, obtaining points by ranking at ANCCE Cup competitions organized in Spain or abroad. ANCCE Cup Regulations provides for the approval of ANCCE Cup competitions in any country in the world, referring to regular shows and national championships, continental and world championships without discrimination.

2.- Through specific agreements, such as that which is currently in force with USPRE, which recognize their own system of classification and a specific quota for participation in SICAB. Such agreements must be approved by ANCCE via a proposal from the relevant national association member of ANCCE.

3.- Through an exceptional path, as indicated in in Article 15 of the current ANCCE Cup Rules, by providing verifiable results with application and approval by the ANCCE Dressage Commission.

Mariano Santos Redondo
President of the Sports Commission

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