June Heats Up the CA High Point Series


Two shows in California last month brought out a highly competitive group of USPRE members and their horses, with super scores to report.

The first was Gilroy Gaits in Hollister, CA, where 8 combinations contended for the High Point honors. In the Open National Levels category, Katie Hoefs-Martin and Corsario MN made an outstanding debut in Training Level, with High Point winning score of 75.22. She also posted a 73.696 on another day of competition, confirming her horse’s mastery of the level. She was followed closely by Justine Frazier on Senador RMC, who posted a 70.469 at First level, test 1. Lucinda Romero on Qualified mare America KR were also top scorers, with 70.3 at Third level test 3, Kristin Ratajczyk achieved an impressive 69.3 at First level test 2, and Mauel Pena Santos and Revolts LXXVIII with a very respectable 65.5 at First level test 1.

In the Adult Amateur category at Gilroy Gaits, there was a tie between Armando Veloz, with PRE mare Victoria DA, and Kathy Leonard on Euro XII. Both pairs scored 64.455 in the Training Test level 3, but in different classes.

The FEI High Point was won by Shae Lovazzano with Tracio, with 62.3 at the Grand Prix.

Later in the month, two outstanding rides took home the High Point distinction at Summer Dressage II in Soomis, CA. NAJYRC Gold Medalist and National Champion Young Rider Catherine Chamberlain has found a Spanish horse to love… Stephen Strunk’s young stallion Receloso XXXV.  The pair posted 67.794 at First Level, test 3 to win the Open National Level High Point. In the FEI division, two riders presented their PRE horses at Prix St. George. Cindy Ramirez-Smith on Decoroso HGF were the highest scoring with 67.368, with Barbro Ask Upmark close behind with 65.263–all exciting combinations to watch for the future!

July offers two more High Point shows–in Burbank and Woodside–to wrap up the summer CA Series. Check back here for updates, and see the USPRE High Point Program directives in the Dressage Menu on this site for more information about the program.

Gilroy Gaits, Hollister CA

FEI High Point Winner    Shae Lovazzano and Tracio                 62.3       Grand Prix

Open National High Point Winner         Katie Hoefs-Martin      75.227    Training 3

AA High Point Winners      Armando Veloz and Victoria DA     65.455    Training 3

Kathy Leonard and Euro XII           65.455     Training 3

Summer Dressage II, Soomis CA

FEI High Point Winner      Cindy Ramirez-Smith and Decoroso HGF      67.368    Prix St. George

Open National High Point Winner   Catherine Chamberlain and Receloso XXXV  67.794 First 3


Katie Hoefs Martin and Corsario MN


Cindy Ramirez-Smith and Decoroso HGF


Catherine Chamberlain and Receloso XXXV

Tracio Large

Shae Lovazzano and Tracio

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