Agreements reached at December Executive Committee

Summary of the main agreements reached at the December Executive Committee meeting

In keeping with the commitment of the Board to maintain members informed about the undertakings and work performed by the Executive Committee and the various Commissions, the most important aspects discussed at the meeting held on the 22nd of December at the main ANCCE office contain:


Its composition currently includes:President: Juan Tirado Agudo
1st Vice-president: José Juan Morales Fernández
2nd Vice-president and Treasurer: Feliciano Reyes Seda
Secretary: José Varo Garrido
Member-at-large: José Luis de la Escalera García
Member-at-large: Ignacio Candau Cruz-Conde
Member-at-large: Francisco Angelet Sólvez

It was agreed to maintain the composition of the Technical Committee of Judges until the 31st of December, 2017, with the exception of Mariano Santos Redondo. The reason why he is no longer a member of this committee is that the Executive Committee wants no possible political interference among the judges. Being that Mariano Santos presides over the ANCCE Sports Commission and is invited to Executive Committee meetings, it has been decided, with his consent, that he no longer be a member of the Technical Committee of Judges while holding any other post within the ANCCE organizational chart.


The results of survey sent to members of ANCCE seeking a majority opinion to update the 2017 Conformation-Functional Competition Rules & Regulations were analyzed and all of the proposals formulated by members have been accepted. These results have been published in full for the general knowledge of members and the sector. Thus, the indications of breeders will be incorporated into the new Rules & Regulations, to be announced at the end of this year.

A series of allowances have been approved for PRE horses participating in the various equestrian disciplines. The application and layout may be seen on the table included in the communiqué.

[PDF] Download allowance:

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