High Scores for Wellington PREs!

The first two High Point shows brought out great horses and scores in top competition. Congratulations to our winners!

AGDF Week 3

CDI Levels: Janne Rumbough/Armas Zumbel   Prix St. George                 66.65

Open National Levels:  Emily Copeland/Falero Hacal      Third Level, 1    69.24

Open FEI Levels:  Nicholas Fyffe/ Fiero HGF     Grand Prix                         67.00

Youth Levels: Sophia Schults/Idolo Americano    Junior  Team                 68.84

AA National Levels: Kyle McIver/Churro    Third Level, 3                           70.00


AGDF Week 5

CDI Levels: Janne Rumbough/Armas Zumbel    Prix St. George                 66.93

Open National Levels: Jaime Amian/Legend      Third Level, 3                   66.66

AA National Levels: Maura Weiss/Ulisses II        Fourth Level, 2                63.75

Youth Levels: Sarah Roda/Quintanillo JJ             Third Level, 3                   66.92



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