Member Benefits

Membership Benefits

When you join the United States P.R.E. association (USPRE), you sign up to an equestrian organization and interactive community that celebrates the Pure Spanish Horse and which is dedicated to providing members with comprehensive P.R.E. programs and services. As a Member, you’ll benefit from programs like the following:

General Membership Meetings:

USPRE offers two meetings annually. Each meeting gives members a chance to exchange ideas and discuss the upcoming show season, events and matters relating to the conservation of the P.R.E. heritage, The fall meeting also includes entertainment and an awards banquet.

Member and Performance:

USPRE organizes Members Awards and year-end dressage class winners are recognized at all levels inclusive of a high point award. The award program includes:

Horse & Rider Of The Year
Breeder Of The Year
Equestrian Award Of The Year
USDF All Breeds
Exhibition Award
Member Of The Year

Seminars and Clinics:

USPRE organizes multiple seminars and clinics. Members are offered discounted admission rates or free admission.

Newsletter and Directory:

USPRE newsletters detail the associations’ activities, news of members and other information of P.R.E. owners interest. The annual directory is a valuable resource of show dates, list of officers, board members and general membership, as well as who’s who in the P.R.E. world.

ANCCE Membership

All USPRE members in good standing are automatically considered ANCCE Associate Members.

El Caballo Magazine Subscription:

USPRE sponsors the publishing of the English version of the renowned El Caballo magazine in the United States.

El Caballo Magazine Advertising Discounts:

Members are awarded a 10% discount for all advertising insertions.

ANCCE Affiliation:

USPRE is affiliated with ANCCE (Asociation Nacional de Criadores de Caballos de Pura Raza Espagnol), a world-wide P.R.E. Breeders organization that manages the P.R.E. Stud Book and offers many services and activities.

SICAB 2011:

Members are provided with complimentary guest entry tickets to the each annual SICAB event.

ANCCE Annual International Banquet:

Members are included in the annual ANCCE International Banquet guest list hosted by the ANCCE President and Executive Committee.

P.R.E. Horse Auctions:

Members will be provided with timely invitations to all P.R.E. Horse auctions.

Benefits of National Membership:

Benefits include Recognition programs, Newsletter and Educational materials, and preferred rates for USPRE transactions and services.

Membership Eligibility:

All persons interested in Pure Spanish Horse (P.R.E.) horses are eligible for membership.

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